Our story begins when Nicholas Metropulos received news of his mother’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. After noticing the effects of the illness and eventually the inevitable, he realized that everyone has a limited amount of time in their life. He then decided to embark on a mission... A mission that would inspire thousands and give to millions. His mission was to support as many causes as possible within his lifetime. At the time he was a typical college student with little time nor resources to give substantially to these causes. So, he decided to develop a product that empowers individuals to support their favorite cause areas and remind them to always live in the moment. Thus, ORAMA Watches was born.

ORAMA meaning “vision” in Greek, is a social watch brand founded on sole purpose of living in the moment and giving back. For every watch sold, we empower you to make one donation to a cause at no extra cost.



We want to create full lines of different types and styled watches that stay at an affordable price while giving back to the causes that you love. So, join with us to make this vision into a reality. In the future we hope to expand our collections to included various cause areas that will coincide with the color of the face of the watch such as: